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About Us

We bring top colleges,teachers to the palm of an individual.

Pek Academy Pvt. Ltd. is an e-learning platform and IT management company, located at Sankhamul, New Baneshwor and was started in 2021, amidst pandemic and lockdown to provide quality education by best instructors and teachers from the top institutions of Nepal especially when people are forced to be locked up inside their home.We bring top colleges and the teachers of the capital to the palm of an individual at any time.Our aim is to educate everyone.We aim to educate from a college drop-out aspiring to be a freelancer, to a teacher who wants deeper insights about his/her subject. We aim to develop PekAcademy as a college for all, anywhere and at anytime. Along with this Pek Academy Pvt. Ltd. also carries out other different works and projects. The company works on Handling IT related projects and also works on Managing the digital sites of other companies and institutions. The company mostly works on website management, software development, mobile app development along with digital marketing followed by the works of content writing as well as graphic designing. The main goal of the company is to offer qualitative service at an affordable price.

About Pek Academy

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Pek Academy is an online based e-learning platform which was established in 2021 A.D. We offer both Academic and Nonacademic video graphic content along with live classes. Our main goal is to offer qualitative service at an affordable price all over Nepal. Our main objective is to work on uplifting student’s education by making qualitative content which will be time flexible. Students from all over Nepal do not have access to quality education. Almost all good institutions in the country are located inside the Kathmandu Valley, leading young students to leave their home and come to the capital in order to get quality education. If you ask any college student from outside the valley, most of them will say that they regret not moving to the capital before for higher education and leaving home. Going to Kathmandu for higher education for a young student form Humla or Pyuthan might not be possible due to family’s financial or physical reasons. Not only that, as college students tend to work, part time, or not, it is hard for them to manage time. Their workplace may not leave them in their college hours so they are forced to compromise either their studies or the opportunity to gain some work experience.

We are a new team with an initiative to uplift and change the education system by improving the pre-existing scenarios. We at Pek Academy, aim to solve the problems by providing remote e-learning experience to the students at any location. Every students either from Taplejung, Jhapa, Kanchanpur, Humla or any other part of Nepal can attend our classes. We provide quality education and we hope to succeed in our goal. Please feel free to contact us.



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